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The list on the left shows all your referrals, even those who didn't make any purchase. You get 10% of every license pack purchase (additional features like support, installation or design are excluded). Referrer field during registration process is locked, so we truly know who you referred (additional benefit for you). Commission can be paid out after 90 days of the original transaction date.

You can request payout via PayPal when you reach $50. Just write to and we will proceed it.

After running GPT sites for over 6 years now, I’ve worked on several platforms but none of them have the versatility of Titan. Titan enables total freedom to make your site anything you want it to be.


The team is relentless, focused on one goal: Your complete satisfaction. A true game changer who goes the extra mile.


I'm yet to see the best customer support team like Titan support team. They always answered, helped, assisted me each and every time within few hours when I was in need of help. Go for Titan, you will never regret!

Tamil Arasan

via Facebook

There GPT script is the best of the best loving it and the support is amazing anytime i need any help what so ever there right there super fast to solve the issues

Moses Gross

via Facebook

Excellent Support system and Script! Very clean and easy to use. I will be buying more features/services for sure!

Daniel Gonzalez

via Facebook

Have been with Titan for years and they have always delivered with regular updates and great support. Would recommend them to anyone

Tom Billington

Great team to work with. They have been great in there help and support throughout my set up of the script purchased. Definitely recommend this company all day

Jim Watts

via Facebook

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