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Explore innovative & customizable features of Titan

Revenue Sharing

Full Revenue Sharing System, easy administration, customizable revenue return speed, process + full statistics. True power of GPT+PTC+TE+REVSHARE connection.

All Offer Walls

Titan is the first script to introduce global support for all Offer Walls, Automatic postback, Credit as Points/Money/Convert, Advanced logging & Reversal System.

ALL CPA/GPT Networks

The most advanced CPA/GPT system: Instant crediting and approval, Submissions control, reversal handlers, Fraud protection. Add offers manually or automatically.

Anti-Cheat System

Runs live all the time. Analiyzes member IPs, browser & PC info, referral connections, Anti-Proxy API, etc. 100% automatic.

GPT Video

Connect with DailyMotion and earn when your member watch videos. Different Points rates per different countries, Restrictions, Anti-Cheat System..

Traffic Exchange

Change your Titan to Traffic Exchange script and offer massive traffic: Anonymous/Direct traffic types. Subpages support. Autosurf link available, Stats & graphs.

Points locking

Lock Points from CPA/GPT offers and Offerwalls that exceed some limit to protect against fraud submissions.

Gift Card System

Add any product with custom title, image & description. Codes can be preapproved & sent automatically via email. Geotargeting, different prices per different countries.

Famobi games

Add games with one click. Earn on game ads & attract your members to stay on your website more time.

GPT Search

Earn by your member searches. Sign a contract with Yahoo with our help. Different Points rates per different countries, Restrictions, Anti-Cheat System.

SMS verification

Select your Phone Verification policy: Full, Per Each Payout, Per Each Login, Per Each Registration. ProxStop API supported.

SolveMedia & reCaptcha

Earn on security captchas. Titan supports SolveMedia, Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) and Titan Captcha.

Multi-language support

ALL languages supported. English, Polish, German, Spanish, Russian & Indonesian are preinstalled. Easily translate images & texts.

Automatic offer import

Automatically download & synchornize offers from CPALead, AdGateMedia and Performa-based networks.

Earn with Facebook

Advertise fanpages & sell likes. All made automatic, instant crediting. Available filters: age, friends, etc. "Earn with one click" + API integration supported.

100% OOP

Titan is written in 100% with Object-Oriented Programming paradigm. It guarantees good scalability, security and development.

PTC mastered

Paid-To-Click made perfect: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Inside & outside advertising, Advanced settings & stats.

Ads queue

Queue ads you watch. Available for Traffic Exchange and AdPacks ads. See title, time and basic details of each ad in the queue.

Revenue Groups

Setup Automatic (more AdPacks you have, better acceleration) or Custom (invite your friends and earn more) Groups to attract more members.

Pool System

Divide your income into various poools and have 100% control over the money you spend. Make your Revenue Sharing System stable and secure forever.

Profit acceleration

Accelerate your revenue return profit, depending of active AdPacks number or your current group. Full control over the acceleration process.

Many payment processors

Full IPN and API Integration: PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay & Payeer. Instant order crediting, live balances, 1-click payout 100% automatic.


The most powerful ASP.NET forum integrated 100% into Titan. Connected with Titan login system, User statistics, achievements and all information.


Want to get more referrals on your other sites? 1-click participate, List of members in system, Easy to manage RefBack system.

MLM upto 10 levels

Indirect Referrals system: 1-10 referral levels supported, All earning ways included in the system (PTC, CPA/GPT, Offerwalls, TE, PTSU, etc.)

Advanced Bot system

Titan provides custom & innovative solution for Bot System: Totally invisible (bots bound to humans), Easy to configure (Titan BQI), doesn't require CRON setup.

Achievement System

Let your users earn more than just a money: Custom achievements/Trophies, Adjust icons & rewards, Multiple gaining possibilites.

Multiple Currencies

Become localized brand: ALL currencies supported, Switch in 1-click in Admin Panel, Orders, statistics, payouts, etc.

BitCoins (BTC)

Cryptocurrencies supported. BitCoin Balance, spend and trasfer BTC in the system. BlockChain & API automatic support.

Turn features ON/OFF

Customize Titan to fit your needs easily. Enable/disable all Titan features with one-click.

AdPack Ads

Create your own AdPack Ads. Start Pages, Full statistics, administration, unique product name(s), colors, groups, revenue system included.

Login Ads

Force members to view ads after each login. Additional pure profit for the administrator, statistics, geolocation, administration.

Live Chat

Tawk Live Chat software fully integrated into the script. Just register on Tawk and take advantage of Live Chat on your website.

Dice Game

Enable Dice Game module in your script. Attract your members to spend their BTC and generate pure BTC profit from this kind of game.

AdBlock handling

Automatically detect if ad blocking software is installed. Select desired policy to convince members to turn it off.

Profit Distribution

Select the way of distributing your profit. Global Pools, Daily Pools, Pool Balancing System, Hourly Distribution supported

Cash Links

Use Cash Links as a PTC equivalent in your Revenue Sharing system. Profit divided 50/50, geolocation, notifications and full statistics supported.


Take advantage of Bootstrap technology with the brand new Titan Admin Panel. Easy, intuitive and professional look.

HTML banners

Use HTML code (SCRIPT/INFRAME/HTML) to dgenerate dynamic banners from outside networks. Fully integrated with standard (image) banners.


Use the most flexible and estabilished brand in micro-tasks business: 100% automated, Full API support, Fraud protection & statistics.

Facebook Login

Register/Login with just one click. Easily connect your website to Facebook Login API. Identify members per their real names.

Custom Processors

Add any payout processor you want. You can set min. payout amount, commisions (fixed and %) and availability.

Advanced Statistics

Titan keeps statistics about each product, member and action in database. You can observe aggregated trends & memberbase.

Co-administrators support

Add Co-Administrators to help you with the management. Standard & Extended permissions supported.

Advanced Targeting

Target your campaigns per Country, City, Age (min-max), Gender & Custom Member Profile (e.g. Income, Family, etc.)

Fraud Protection

Effective systems against fraud: Anti-Cheat System, Anti-Click, Anti-Proxy + full control over submissions & reversals.

CPA/GPT offers mastered

The most complex CPA/GPT management system. Full control over offers, submissions, tracking, reversals & statistics.


Support queries from ProxStop and Blocked API. Use the most up to date services in your Titan website & be safe.

IP range blocking

Block particular IPs or whole IP ranges. Applies to registration, GPT features, offerwalls, CPA/GPT offers etc.

100% secure

Protected against SQL injections attacks, XSS attacks, data-swapping and all possible scripting threats.

Payment Proofs

Show potential customers that you pay: 100% automatic, per each processor, detailed information & customization.

Revenue Sharing

Share your revenue with your members. Most advanced script. Setup all rates, values & features. Easy management via Admin Panel.

Traffic Grid

Unique ad grid with unique prizes: Money/Points, referrals, referral limits. Fixed rates, Global Prize Limit, custom images.

Shoutbox & events

Country flags, titles, messages preapproval available. Show latest events & customize the feed. All via Admin Panel.

PM System

Allow your members to send PM to each other. SPAM-free because of Friends feature, fully moderated in Admin Panel.

Vacation mode

Earn when your members are inactive. Price per each day, no referral losses, membership restrictions.

Instant payout manager

Custom limits per different processor, Global Switch, Additional requirements (previous payouts, days registered, CPA/GPT offers done).


Both in Admin Panel & Client area. Informs you about the most important actions/opportunities you currently have.

Different memberships

All earning rates customizable: both for members (PTC, CPA/GPT, offerwalls) and their referrals. Very advanced setup.

Banner System

Custom dimensions banners, Normal Banner, Constant Banner. Two different advertising policies, PreApproval. Sell impressions, days & clicks.

Support ticket system

Resolve all issues within your website. Useful information in Admin Panel, detailed messages, message history, ticket statuses.

Email manager

Full setup, TLS supported. Send emails automatically to all members, geoloacted members or single one. Easily managed via Admin Panel.

Investors panel

See your website investors. Track who invested from what processor, for what features. Track your investors balances & success rate.

Registration restrictions

Restrict countries you want to operate in. Both for Facebook Register and Standard Register. Award members with Points per each country.

CRON manager

Monitor your CRON (Scheduled Task) executions. Error logging + detailed informations about each execution (status, time).

Custom register fields

Get all information you need from your members upon registration. You can later geolocate members via your custom fields.

Postback manager

Track all postbacks that come to your website. More than 12 statuses supported. Clear management + easy problem tracking.

Full SSL support

Titan supports automatic switch to SSL in 3 different policies: None, Only Login (Login/Register/Settings page) and Full (all pages).

News panel

Share your latest website news with one-click. Full HTML supported, no further restrictions.

Outside advertising

Allow your customers to advertise without the need to log-in/register. Applies to: PTC, Banner, Facebook, TrafficGrid,


Allow your members to invite friends and exchange PMs with one-click. You have full control over the content sent.

Advanced logs

Titan logs everything: from balance changes, history, up to referral connections, postbacks and single member actions.

Contest System

Different contest types (Direct/Rented Referral, Click, Transfer, CrowdFlower, Offerwalls) & different prizes.

Banner bidding (RTB)

Real Time Bidding, Banner Auction Manager, sell banners per each hour, set return rate and banners preapproval. Applies to all banners.


Create JackPots and earn extra income. Specific start/end dates, multiple jackpots, different ticket prices & prizes.

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